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This scrub is amazing. The texture is perfect--it exfoliates without being too harsh, it moisturizes without being too heavy. I love it! And it smells so. good. Tip: Make sure you have mojito ingredients on hand before purchasing. You will want one (or three).

Audrey about Mojito Magic Sugar Scrub

Pumpkin spice smells SOOOOO good and my skin was so soft and yummy after my bath that I didn't even need my body butter! You can totally tell there's a ton of shea butter in it!

Mindy about Pumpkin Spice Bath Bomb

It smells like clean confidence. Didnt think that had a smell? Well it does. Its this. Great for mondays.

Mike H about Power Move Soap

The scent is incredible and leaves a subtle, wonderful smell on my hands after washing. Also leaves my skin super soft!

Mimi about Mermaid Soap

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Deciphering Ingredient Lists & What is Soap, anyway?

Deciphering Ingredient Lists & What is Soap, anyway?

That general advice to "avoid ingredients you can't pronounce" is lazy. That advice rewards manipulative marketing and prevents purchasing quality products that chose to list in INCI format.

Determining what is a great quality product and what is synthetic crap takes a *pinch* more inquiry.  

But you're smart, you've got this. And when it comes to soap, it's easy.

How it's made: Cutting our soap

How it's made: Cutting our soap

Here's how our handmade soap bars are cut.  Checkout the two shades of red and black/white swirl on our Cherry Bomb soap.  We pour our soap in lin...